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Earl’s Rides, Inc spends a lot of time on the safety of its patrons

Earl's Rides MidwayMost of the time spent on safety is unseen by the customer. Every week our equipment is inspected several times and several ways. When the rides are being assembled, all the parts and pieces are being looked at for wear and tear. Everyday before we open, the rides are inspected by their operators using a manufacturer recommended inspection procedure. The state of Wisconsin and our insurance company perform a yearly, random inspection on all our rides. Proof of this inspection is displayed on all of the rides.

The money spent on safety can be seen, but is usually unnoticed-just the way we like it! Over the past several years we have spent tens of thousands of dollars on upgrading our electrical power distribution system. This includes new generators, electrical cords, and distribution boxes.

We also continue to improve the signs for our rides. All of the larger rides have manufacturer and insurer imposed height restrictions. It is our goal to convey these regulations to our costumers in an easy to understand sign.



Earl's Rides MidwayAt Earl’s Rides, Inc, let’s just say the cleaning never stops....

This is the part of that math equation that our customers can see. While we setup the rides, food trailers, and the games each week, we clean those hard to reach places. Our food trailers are cleaned top to bottom, inside and out-literally. The game trailers are also washed and the bally cloths are cleaned and wiped with ArmorAll. Once a ride is completely setup it gets thoroughly cleaned. All the ride tops and canvases are also wiped with ArmorAll to keep them shiny. We even wax the tubs and cars on the rides. The whole time that Earl's Rides is open, we are picking up any garbage on the midway. After we close, all of the garbage cans get emptied and rinsed out.

Earls Rides, Inc has a 4,000 square foot shop that we use to keep all of our equipment looking good. In this shop we sandblast, paint, fabricate, and do fleet maintenance. We take at least one ride a year, and do any repairs, painting, and updating it might need. Earl's Rides, Inc has 17 trucks and 30 trailers that we use to move our show from town to town. Every year all of these trucks and trailers go through our shop for regular maintenance and repairs.

Earl's Rides, Inc has a strong belief in preventive maintenance. That's why you will rarely see a ride breakdown.

We have never setup a ride that does not run, nor have we ever opened a ride that is not safe, and we never will.


Height Requirements

It's important that each rider meets the height requirements on each of our attractions.  These height requirements are set by the manufacturer of the ride to ensure that each rider is properly secured and rides safely.  We made it easy for you to view the height requirements for the rides at each of our events.  Use our "Size Wize" feature to see what rides your child can ride based on their height!

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